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Hodgeman County United Methodist Churches | Hanston and Jetmore, Kansas



The Rainy Day Box


The Rainy Day Box program is an ongoing ministry partnership with churches, schools, businesses, and civic groups in Jetmore and Hanston, in which boxes with enough food to feed a family for three days (along with recipes that feature the included food items) are being assembled. If you or someone you know needs help meeting nutritional needs, please contact the church office. We are here to help.

Below is a grocery list of items that we need for the Rainy Day Box Program. If you would like to donate any of these items you may drop them off at the church office or in the Rainy Day Box Wagon at the Jetmore Food Center.

      Pancake Mix (just add water)
      Peanut Butter
      Jelly/ Jam
      Velveeta Cheese
      Non- fat Dry Milk
      Canned soups of all kinds (including creamed soups)
      Cheddar Cheese Soup
      Canned Vegetables
      Canned Fruits
      Canned Beans (refried, black, navy, pinto, chili, etc.)
      Canned or dried meats (tuna, ham, chicken, salmon, beef)
      Spaghetti Sauce
      Dry Pastas and Noodles
      Saltine Crackers
      5oz. Boxes of Scallopoed Potatoes
      Snack Packs of Pudding or Jello
      Dry Beans
      Instant Dry Pudding
      Jello Mix
      Bagged Dry Cereal


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