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Hodgeman County United Methodist Churches | Hanston and Jetmore, Kansas


Shaping Our Biblical Worldview
Preaching series out of the Book of Romans

I have been concerned for some time at the state of the Church in our country.  Why is it that once thriving congregations have continued to shrink into irrelevance?  Why is it that many of our young adults have dropped out once they leave home?  Why is it that we have difficulty defending our faith when we come up against opposition? 

Perhaps part of the problem is that we have failed to teach people to “think Biblically.”  Many see evangelicals as those people who are against abortion and believe homosexual activity is a sin.  What we are against should not be what defines us.  We badly need a solid grounding in a Christian worldview.  We need to know how to think and evaluate our culture through a Christian worldview, instead of trying to evaluate our faith through a post-modern worldview.  Doug Moo wrote, “If the church is to have a meaningful and persuasive voice in the “culture wars,” it will also have to enunciate clearly, lovingly, and persuasively the Christian interpretation of reality.”

The Book of Romans is about worldview.  Many know that Romans is full of “doctrine,” and that may scares some people off because we have not made a link between doctrine and worldview.  Romans teaches us what humankind is like, what we need, and what God has done to provide for us.  For me the Book of Romans is one of the most interesting and engaging books in the Bible mainly because it teaches us how to think through a Christian worldview.

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